Friday, January 7, 2011

Magnetic North Pole Continues To Slip

Earth’s magnetic north pole is continuing to shift toward Siberia, a situation of concern to those who link a “Pole Shift” with End Times.  In its most dramatic form, a shift would result in reversal of the north and south magnetic poles ~ something that happens about every 250,000 years ~ with resulting cataclysmic havoc.

The situation was highlighted this week when two large airports in Florida renumbered runways to reflect new compass readings to match the new pole location.

Earth’s magnetic poles are governed by forces deep inside the planet. According to
An inner core of solid iron is surrounded by an outer core of molten iron. They rotate at different rates, and the interaction between the regions creates what scientists call a "hydromagnetic dynamo." It's something like an electric motor, and it generates a magnetic field akin to a giant bar magnet. The process is not completely understood. 
In the past 15 million years, there have been four reversals every 1 million years, or about one shift each 250,000 years, says Brad Clement of Florida International University, who has lead a recent study on pole reversals. The last one, however, was 790,000 years ago. That might suggest we're overdue for a big change. 
Not necessarily so, Clement says. The flips are not periodic, meaning they don't adhere to a schedule of even intervals. Yet the intensity of the magnetic field has been dropping for the last 2,000 years, and "it has dropped significantly" during the past two decades, Clement said.
Some scientists speculate a reversal is underway. Clement said that's like forecasting that the bottom will drop out of the stock market because it's gone down the past few days. "We just don't know," he said.

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christopher said...

Another cataclysm heard from...actually I am not sure the process is considered rapid enough to be cataclysmic.

Anonymous said...

I live in Tampa, FL and our airport will be closed to adjust for the shift. Is the magnetic shift the cause for the birds and fish that are dying worldwide? Its disturbing that no one is talking about this on the mainstream news.

Anonymous said...

Look at the huge flooding in Australia. Could the shift be causing this flooding? I have already decided that NASA is not going to be telling us the truth about too much of anything. Can't cause a nationwide panic!!!!

Gregory LeFever said...

Wow, that's an interesting comment, Anonymous. I hadn't considered the possibility of linking the moving pole and the terrible weather in the southern hemisphere.

Your comment on NASA is appropriate. Many of us get weary of being "shielded" from real data in some effort to quell panic, or some expert's idea that there'll be panic.

Thank you again for visiting!

Anonymous said...

More worrying incidents that don't seem to be important enough to make the news bulletins:
Twice in the past three months they had flooding in Jeddah, the second biggest town in Saudi Arabia, a desert state which normally on average only sees rain once a year, some years none at all. In both floods people lost their lives.
Then there is the devastating drought in the Amazon. In 2005 there was a "once-in-a-century" drought, which killed thousands of trees (and fish), so instead of absorbing billions of tons of CO² it actually emitted billions of tons. Now there is ANOTHER drought there, even worse than the 2005 one. And not a word on the news!
What else is going on in the world that is being hushed up?

Gregory LeFever said...

Thanks again, Anonymous, for another thought-provoking comment. And you're right ... I had not heard of these things!

Anonymous said...

I would be more interested in the relationship between the solar activity and the weakening magnetic field.

Bruce D McKay, Elijah said...

To return to Antiquity, they say the poles of the world did once change their situation, and were at first in another posture from what they are in now. The ancient philosophers, Anaxagores, Empedocles, Diogenes, Leucippuis, Damocritus, in Laertius and in Plutarch, the stars, they say, at first were carried about the Earth in a more uniform manner. Did the axis of all matter "change at the Deluge?" That means the entire perodic table as we now know it, has a "reflective position" in terms of the atoms having a shightly tipped axis. Moreover, to tip the axis of the poles of the world back to their origional posture - would replace everything back into the realm of eternal values, whereas, does Paradise and Heaven exist as a true parallel reality! Hence, the Bible says that one special day will come when this dimension will loose its permanence, and the matter will shift back to the same state it was in "before the deluge." That is Paradise will be (again) here on earth, and all the wicked persons and noxious plants, (any plant not planted in the original garden,) will 'cease to exist.' It will be a world-wide conflagration better known as Spontaneous Human Combustion. Even the rocks will burn, when the molecular changes take place. (Quote) "And no fire was strong enough to succeed in giving them light," according to The Wisdom of Solomon 17:5. This was at the parting of the Red Sea! (Goodspeed edition, 1959,)"...they were all bound by one chain of darkness!"(vs. 17) After the deluge the whole earth expanded, as the ocean's did not exist prior to that time! southamericamoved dot com contains a lot more.