Friday, October 10, 2008

Election Day Remains Strangely Uncertain

The County Election by George Caleb Bingham, 1851

More than any other aspect of this extraordinary presidential election year, it’s Election Day itself ~ November 4th ~ that intrigues me as I survey my group of astrologers.

The dozen or so professional astrologers I’m watching can’t seem to get a collective fix on that day, except that there’s something seriously volatile about it. (These astrologers as a group, by the way, have been substantially on-target regarding the current world financial crisis.)

As a layman, not an astrologer, I’ve learned this: Saturn and Uranus move into direct opposition early on November 4. Saturn relates to conservatism and status quo, while Uranus is creative and revolutionary. This 180-degree alignment occurs rarely ~ only twice before in the past 100 years ~ and can spell trouble.

Nearly four months ago, I posted comments from writer Barry Orr, who had found that many astrologers were saying this about Election Day:
  • The election will be postponed or canceled due to national emergency; or,
  • One or more candidates will leave the race; or,
  • Fraud or data problems will produce a rigged race.
Here’s a sampling of what the astrologers are now saying as Election Day approaches.

From Terry Lamb at Astro-Pol:
This is the situation I have been most concerned about with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day. The forces of the status quo are pitted against the forces of change, and it could get nasty. Oppositions are aspects of separation, and separation breeds fear. Fear breeds conflict (and greed). These are factors in the behavior we are seeing to prevent the sea change in government that is desired, expected, and should occur. This is what could delay the outcome of the election.
Lynn Hayes at Astrological Musings sees this:
In any case, the astrological signatures suggest that the election once again will not be settled on Election Day. Mercury changes signs that day, moving from Libra where it is all about collaboration, to Scorpio where our thoughts become more intensified and interested in matters of power. Scorpio also signifies things that are hidden, and perhaps ballots (Mercury) could be lost or stolen (Scorpio).
By the way, she just today began an interesting two-part explanation of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

And another astrologer I’ve not been following ~ a certain Madam Lichtenstein ~ has this to say:
But transiting Saturn also will oppose Uranus on Election Day. This can bring powerful, unpleasant surprises. It also will conjunct Saturn which indicates that a major cycle is closing and a new one is beginning. When people go through a Saturn conjunct Saturn it is called their Saturn Return. In this case it is the Presidential Saturn Return. During the return phase we want change NOW but it either doesn't happen or, if it does, it is not what we want or expect. It is a time of great learning. Further transiting Saturn will square Venus which can create some sore losers. Stress and tension without any resulting harmony.
If you're curious and want to read more, just do a Google search on “Election Day” with the word “astrology” and you’ll get tons.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of horse shit.

Gregory LeFever said...

That could well be the case. My motive in all of this is to track what the astrologers are seeing, and then see what reality produces.

Of course you can scorn astrology. It's totally your right. It's not conventionally "scientific" and that bothers a lot of people. As a student of history, however, I'll tell you that it's been around for at least 8,000 years longer than the so-called "scientific method." And hey, it's fun to watch.

As for horse shit, just turn to the media. Watch a presidential debate and then watch the pundits on Fox and then on CNN and then on NBC. Read the "scientific" polls, listen to Sarah Palin's wacko version of reality. Listen to the GOP rallies where people are shouting "off with his head" and "traitor" about Obama while McCain's tries to bring some respect back into the race and he gets booed by his own supporters.

I could go on and on, but I have a low tolerance for horse shit, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing such a nice summary of the potential election day confusion. I think the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfectly describes people's emotional and mental states over this election. People are being asked to change and grow, and with a little wisdom and a lot of luck, we'll all be the better for it, eventually.