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Is McCain 'Mercurial'? 
Possible Troubles for Obama?
And What About the Retrograde "Shadow" Effect?

It’s difficult to follow astrology blogs when you’re not an astrologer. It’s like looking at a maze of equations scrawled across a blackboard when you don’t know calculus. It means I have to find clues to determine the validity of some of the claims being made, usually by checking the comments other readers post and by comparing the readings to news reports.

In the few weeks remaining, I'll be focusing on some fascinating election horoscopes from several of the respected professional astrologers I've been watching. For today’s Election Astrology, I’ve picked two astrologers with large followings and who seem to command considerable respect among their peers.
  • Nancy Sommers, who writes Nancy’s Blog, which attracts hundreds of comments every time she posts something and who has accurately predicted a number of aspects and behaviors regarding this presidential campaign.
  • Ray Merriman, a professional financial astrologer of long standing whose analyses are followed by several financial institutions and whose posts now contain more campaign analysis due to the impact of the current financial troubles.

Angry McCain, Calm Obama

Two days before last Wednesday’s presidential debate, Nancy presented a detailed reading of both McCain and Obama related to the specific time of the debate. (If you’re interested in the complex details, click here.)

She wrote: … It is this aspect that will be under a great deal of pressure during and after the debate, suggesting McCain will be very agitated, angry, and unhappy.” Then, following a detailed explanation, she wrote: “ … While McCain seems to be at some kind of nadir for the mid-October debate, Obama will be at his zenith." And she concluded: In the face of McCain’s crankiness, Obama will once again demonstrate calmness and strength, with an extraordinarily appealing and compelling quality that pervades his presence.”

Pretty accurate, and consistent with several post-debate polls.

New Problems for Obama?

So here’s her take on the weeks leading up to the November 4 election.
  • On McCain: “In addition, there are two further aspects that are specific to the 6:25 PM chart that suggest a very trying, depressing time for McCain that began in late September and continues to be very potent through October 19, slowly diminishing over the week or so thereafter.”
  • On Obama: “There is, however, some stress that develops for Obama from around October 16 through October 25, due to Saturn’s transit semisquare his Mercury (2Leo20) and quincunx his Ascendant (18Aquarius03). Perhaps, it is just the weightiness of the times adding to the sobriety and thoughtfulness (Saturn) of his demeanor. But it seems likely he may lose some of his sparkle during this period and become more fatigued and off his game. A cold or laryngitis is possible that will encumber him in some way. Alternately, the increasingly vituperative attacks from the Hate Talk Express may begin to do some damage. It may be that his wide lead shrinks a bit during these ten days.”
This should be quite easy to track via the headlines.

Retrograde Shadow Period Could Be Critical

In his current Weekly Market Preview, Ray Merriman says the election could be strongly influenced by something astrologers recognize ~ but don't always take into account ~ known as the “shadow" periods of the current Mercury retrograde:

Many astrologers believe that the Mercury retrograde principles pertain not just to the time Mercury is actually in retrograde motion, but also during the times that it is in the Mercury retrograde “shadow” periods. This may be a critical point in forecasting this year’s election, for sometime between September 3 and 15 McCain held a 4-point lead over Obama. But since that time, the polls have switched 2-12 points in favor of Obama, depending on which poll you follow.

If the momentum shifts back to McCain after Mercury returns to direct motion (October 15), as the classical principles of Mundane Astrology would suggest, then McCain may still have a chance to pull this out. But if the valid zone of recovery includes the Mercury retrograde “shadow period” as well, then the momentum change in favor of Obama would continue to grow through October 30. Conditions and/or sentiment wouldn’t return again to the pre-shadow period until the end of the month.

In this case, it would be too late for McCain to come back, barring some new and sensational revelation. In fact, Obama would be more likely to win in a landslide, just as the last Senator from Arizona to run for president experienced in 1964 (Barry Goldwater). The 1964 election was the last time we were within the orb of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.
So, watch the daily news. According to this, we should see some shift in poll numbers, favoring McCain. Unless, of course, the Mercury retrograde shadow continues to fall across his campaign.

By the way, Madam Lichtenstein just began what promises to be a fascinating look at election day. Her first installment discusses November 4 itself, and next she'll tie it to the charts of McCain and Obama specifically. She's good, so this should be interesting!

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