Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summary of Predictions:
Obama Winning by Slight Margin,
Palin Has Hurt McCain's Chances,
Uneasiness Heading Toward Inauguration,
Saturn/Uranus Making Predictions Very Difficult

From 1864 drawing by Thomas Nast for Harper's Weekly.

For this final Election Astrology post prior to Tuesday’s election, I’m summarizing my findings from following a dozen or so astrology blogs for several months.

Culling comments from the blogs was difficult because some of the astrologers clearly used astrology as a basis for propounding their own political preferences and opinions, which can get tiresome. Also, most of the astrologers' political postings dropped off significantly during October, as financial turbulence became the subject of more astrological scrutiny. Besides, almost everything that was going to be astrologically charted regarding the presidential election had been done by the conclusion of the Republicans’ convention in September.

As you can see, much of what the astrologers have said tracks well with what mainstream political analysts and pundits are telling us daily in print and broadcast. The difference is that the astrologers have consistently been saying it earlier.

Most of them saw big trouble for McCain in September when he selected Palin, even though the media and GOP was going wild over her. Her chart has some real trouble spots in it. Most of the astrologers saw something negative due to happen in October. Some were uncertain, others suspected it might be financial, and a few such as Ray Merriman nailed it early and well.

So here are the major conclusions I found:

Barack Obama will win, probably by a small margin. 

I have not found any astrologer still seeing John McCain winning on Tuesday.

An Obama victory was seen as early as May – even when he was battling through the tough primary against Hillary Clinton – when a panel of seven prominent astrologers used various astrological methods of analysis, and then announced their predictions at the United Astrology Conference convention in Denver. Actually six saw an Obama victory and one said it was too close to call between Obama and McCain, but that Clinton was not in the picture.

McCain’s campaign has sustained two powerful blows in the past two months.

One was his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Her birth chart – at least as much as can be gleaned from a questionable time of birth – has been a major wound to McCain's chart. The second blow has been the nation’s economic troubles, which have played directly into some of his chart’s weaker areas. Here’s how Charlene Litchenstein summed it up:

Had I made my prediction in September, I would have predicted John McCain to win, despite the drag that Sarah Palin had on his astrology birth horoscope. I do think that if he had chosen someone more compatible with his birth chart he would have had a stronger candidacy overall with a victory that could not be hampered by any outside event. This is based on the assumption that the shocking event I saw a few weeks ago is the economy and stock market and we are done with any further surprises before the election. . . I predict Barack Obama to win in a very close election - closer than it should be considering the state of the economy.

Saturn-Uranus Opposition is complicating everything.

I’ve discussed this in an earlier post. Here’s how Benjamin Bernstein, writing for the Organization for Professional Astrologers, put it:

Even those who called it for Obama, however, noted an extraordinary synchronicity: Uranus and Saturn make an exact opposition on Election Day! Uranus rules shock, unpredictability and surprise, thus throwing a "wild card" energy into the mix. However, this aspect can also be interpreted as revolutionary new paradigms (Uranus) overcoming the old order (Saturn). Since the outermost planet (Uranus in this case) always has more power, I interpret this aspect as favoring the candidate who more truly represents change (Obama). . . The power of the "wild card factor", created by the Election Day Saturn-Uranus opposition, cannot be underestimated.

Concern about the period leading to Inauguration Day in January.

An ominous tone was set as early as March, when financial astrologer Ray Merriman – highly respected for his work with banks and other institutions – wrote this twist on the Saturn-Uranus opposition, since echoed by several other astrologers:

. . . But it is not so easy to choose who will win, for with Uranus, anything can happen, and surprises are more than likely the order of the day. As an extreme, under this signature, there can be no certainty that the candidates selected to represent their parties even make it to election or inauguration day. Something disruptive is always a possibility, especially with Saturn and Uranus in hard aspect, complemented by Pluto about to move back into Capricorn at that time (November 26, which is between election day and inauguration). I am not predicting assassination, for these symbols can mean many things. But the last time Saturn and Uranus were in opposition, and Pluto was involved, was in the mid-1960’s. Both political and racially-motivated assassinations stung the USA deeply during that time.

Ultimately, the strange and powerful opposition of Saturn and Uranus gives the astrologers an “out.” It is such a rare alignment of contradictory behaviors that it has hampered everyone’s ability to predict with precision.

“It's the single most screwed-up election from an astrological perspective in decades,” says Robert Hand, one of America’s leading astrologers.

After the election, I’ll select a handful of astrologers who seemed to have made the most consistently accurate calls and will follow them as we head toward Inauguration Day to see what they’re saying.


culoclown said...

This is the only one I've seen but I didn't really understand the reasoning behind the conclusion:

Gregory LeFever said...

Thanks so much, Diane (culoclown) for providing the link. I had not heard of Amanda Adams until now.

It seems she sees a McCain/Palin victory because the Saturn/Uranus opposition also was occurring when the vote for women was ratified, which she considers a strong factor favoring Sarah Palin. Maybe so.

She also sees Neptune's transit as having positive and negative trends, and goes onto say that Obama is becoming more deceptive (the negative side) and that Palin is "the true charismatic leader who will help McCain win the election" (the positive side).

So there you have it. This is what I was referring to as personal interpretations of the charts. In other words, it's pretty much only opinion as to whether Obama is more deceptive than McCain or that Palin is actually a charismatic leader. There certainly are a number of facts that would contradict Amanda Adams' contentions.

But that's politics.