Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bombing the Moon

Anyone with even a brief exposure to astrology knows how vitally important the Moon is to this arcane practice, so it makes sense that the astrological community might be upset with NASA’s plan to bomb the Moon tomorrow morning in search of traces of lunar water. (If you haven’t heard about it, here’s NASA’s explanation.) One of the most cogent analyses appeared yesterday from respected astrologer Melody Scott Zindell of Boulder, Colorado. Here are some snippets she posted on her blog under the title "Bombing the Moon and Karma." It's best read in its entirety.

The chart for this event is strikingly graphic. In astrology, the Moon correlates with the sign Cancer, and the nodal axis of the Moon is what is being referred to when we use the terms North and South Nodes. This event chart shows Mars conjunct the South Node in Cancer at 26 degrees. Mars is the archetypal warrior. It is how we get what we want and governs anger and aggression.

. . . This event may be a karmic gateway that really shakes things up. In astrology, the Lunar Nodes have always been associated with karma. We are not born blank canvases to be painted on by others. We come in with definite personalities, gifts, challenges and lessons we seem to be fatefully pulled to learn.

. . . The last time the Nodes were in this same position (late 1990) the Persian Gulf War was started and the World Wide Web was taking off. We also had the largest deployment of women in military history. The cycle before that (late April 1972) Nixon authorized a massive bombing attack with the Vietnam war, privately saying, “The bastards have never been bombed like they're going to bombed this time.” Protests against the bombings erupted in the US. This is also the summer that terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes and the attempted assassination of Gov. Wallace. This time around war and the threat of war abounds while we go off planet with our aggressive orientation and bomb the Moon.

Click here for Melody Scott Zindell's blog.


ludmil said...

Greg i think there is more to this story than "looking for H20Read thisSearching for water, when it's already been discovered? Or a "directed energy" weapons test?

• A violation of international treaties?

• Will debris cause RINGS to appear around the Moon -- or dim the moonlight, possibly affecting the Earth's climate?

• Lunar space junk to pose a hazard to future missions?

• Should the President of the U.S. order a stop to the bombing?


On Friday, Oct. 9th, a NASA space module is scheduled to crash a projectile into the surface of the moon at twice the speed of a bullet, causing a massive explosion that's expected to send into the lunar atmosphere a six-mile-high plume of debris -- enough moondust to be visible from planet Earth.

The government's stated reason for this Mythbuster-like, blow-'em-up exercise:

To determine if there's a substantial amount of water on the Moon.

Now, for some questions that mainstream Pentagon, White House and tech beat journalists should be asking:

Is this really the best way to divine for H2O? Didn't an analysis of a past NASA missions already determine that water vapor exists on the moon? Why is a "moon bomb" needed to establish the presence of water when it's already been done?

Or -- is this just a cover story to cloak the real mission behind this lunar weapons assault?

What's the nature of the explosive trigger? It has been described as a "kinetic bomb" (see Scientific American link, below). What does that really mean?

Is this actually some sort of a microwave or laser or plasma or particle beam directed energy weapons test -- a doomsday space weapon?

Note that the Scientific American article linked below says the space module that discharges the "kinetic bomb" will continue to orbit the moon for a year after impact. Is this really the stealth installation of a space weapon into the "high ground" of lunar orbit?

It's been eons since the last massive lunar impact. Will the dust and debris sent into the lunar atmosphere by this NASA adventure dim the moonlight? And for how long? Will this debris cause "rings" around our Moon? Think that's not possible? Guess again; last year, scientists discovered rings around a moon of Saturn -- the first time astronomers observed such a phenomenon:

Should NASA risk messing with "Earth's night-light" like this? Could there be an effect on weather here on Earth if the amount of reflected sunlight from the moon is diminished?

Who is to say that this explosion might not cause a fracture in the lunar surface that could trigger a massive "moonquake" -- possibly enough to affect the lunar axial rotation, nudging the moon out of its orbit and perhaps causing the sphere to lose some orbital velocity, putting the orb on a collision course with the Earth -- if not soon, sometime sooner than would have been predicted by astrophysics?

Okay, I know... this sounds far-fetched. I'm no astrophysicist, just a skeptical journalist. But how much does NASA really know about the plate tectonics of the moon? Could this man-made explosion trigger unanticipated, perhaps even drastic, consequences?

Didn't someone wisely say, "Don't mess with Mother Nature?" I am being serious here. At least starting asking some questions. Today, not after th

human being said...

it is really saddening when power in the name of science violates natural laws and phenomena...
when i first heard about this bombing i couldn't believe what i was reading...

think ludmil is correct... this is something more...

Greg... the passage you provided was really thought-provoking... as someone who is living in the eye of the storm, i sadly know what will be the horrible things that are going to happen this time!