Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mysterious Clouds at Edge of Atmosphere

NASA satellite photo showing 'night shining' clouds.

A thin blue line of clouds separating Earth’s atmosphere from outer space continues to spread as scientists remain mystified about its origin.

Called noctilucent – or “night shining” – clouds, they occupy the area about 50 miles above the earth’s surface. People first spotted them about 120 years ago, following the 1883 giant eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia.

Since then the clouds have spread from above areas such as Scandinavia and Siberia to more southern latitudes, and from far-southern latitudes to more northern ones, thus creating a thin shell around more of the atmosphere. They are frequently seen over Washington and Oregon in the US and over Turkey and Iran in the Middle East.

Researchers are speculating the noctilucent clouds are somehow linked to climate change or perhaps increased methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The 11-year sunspot cycle is another consideration, they say.

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Anonymous said...

39 = 12 = 3
Southwest furthers, Northeast does not further.
The southwest is the region of retreat, the northeast that of advance.
Which is it?
Honeybees, bats, spotless sun, fireflies, mysterious clouds.
The sky is falling.
The sky is falling.
Louis Hay thoughts?
More fear than CNN news?
All was here before you, may be after too?

Gregory LeFever said...

The point of the I Ching post is that furtherance occurs through retreat. Quite different than our traditional Western view of things.

And yes, there are unusual things happening to species all around us, certainly worth noting. Is the sky falling? I have no idea, but it's nothing I'm particularly concerned about since I have little control over the sky.

More fear than CNN? Look into your own heart to see how much fear is there.

And finally, here's hoping it's all here after me since my mortality should be no more than a blip on the cosmic screen.

ludmil said...

In 1988 established World MeteorologicalOrganization and the United Nations Enviroment Programme/IPCC/.This organization has been working for 20 years evaluating the effects of human-created climate change,based on ongoing findings of institutions and scientists around the globe.At the beginning of 2007,the international panel released the first portion of its Fourth Assesment Report.The report warned that we "most likely"will see an increase of 0.36 degrees/fahrenheit/per decade over the next two decades,with even higher increases projected for later decades.Well this might sound as a modest rise ,but the net result could be intense,with average temperatures rising by as much as 11.5 degrees/fahrenheit/by the end of THIS CENTURY!!!If the mathematical model is right the effects on human beings,water suplly,crops and animals would be EMENSE!!!We are witnessing hotter seasons on record,and the results on the animals around us.As the ANONYMOUS mentioned in his comment about the alarming changes in bats ,bees,fireflies population population i woUld like to add the fate of the polar bears drowning in the arctic ocean/because lack of floating icebergs/.The melting ice maybe will open year round "The northern passage" and is already creating natIons to race and stake their teritorial claims on the Arctics.So let me say that all that Gregory Lefever does is bring to our atention the changes that have been happening around us.Bringing awareness and attention .So dear annonimous your negative comments are uncalled .for.Would be nice if we all can see the world as our forebears did.Abundance,plentifull and up for exploring and harvesting the goods of the earth.We all need to pause and re-adjust our attitude and see what each of us can do .The earth needs our help is out synch and the enviroment is at tipping point.So please annonimous don,t shoot the messenger bringing the real facts and see how you can help.Here I would like to thank Gregory for the wide scope of topics he brings to this blog .His blog is a must stop when I browse the internet.

Christine LeFever said...

Bravo and well put dear Ludmil, and of course, you too wonderful and informed Gregory.