Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Round-Up of Readings

NOTE: Here’s a selection of current political commentary from reputable astrologers. Hey, they can’t be any farther off than the so-called “experts” and “analysts” appearing nightly on CNN, Fox, ABC and the like. I’m sticking to comments drawn from specific charts and readings and not just the astrologers’ personal opinions and political biases.

Election Day

“In any case, the astrological signatures suggest that the election once again will not be settled on election day. Mercury changes signs that day, moving from Libra where it is all about collaboration, to Scorpio where our thoughts become more intensified and interested in matters of power. Scorpio also signifies things that are hidden, and perhaps ballots (Mercury) could be lost or stolen (Scorpio).” Lynn Hayes, Astrological Musings

“One gets a sense already of the power of the Jupiter Pluto victory to the young contender, Obama, but if it comes to a fist fight in the manner of the 2000 election - the last Evening Star election where Venus radiated Pluto - then the victory will go to the one who can wield the most money and power.” Dharmaruci, AstroTableTalk

Upcoming Debate

“The first debate is on September 26 and seems likely to benefit Obama more than McCain. Jupiter will be semisquare Obama’s Midheaven suggesting optimism, expansiveness, and success, whereas Saturn will be square McCain’s natal Jupiter and opposite McCain’s progressed Saturn, while Uranus will conjunct his natal Saturn, suggesting he will be stiff, somber, and uncomfortable.” Nancy Sommers, Nancy’s Blog

John McCain

“Using this 8:38 am time for McCain, the astrologer will find that his prospects for getting elected look very good. Transiting Jupiter turns direct over the next week while squaring his Libra Ascendant, bringing him renewed enthusiasm and opportunities. Especially favorable is that his progressed Midheaven will be conjunct his Venus (his chart's ruling planet) on Inauguration Day. However, as transiting Saturn heads to his twelfth house Neptune, much of the stardust may fall off Palin, and she may be more widely seen as an inappropriate choice.” Michael O’Reilly, Neptune’s Café

Sarah Palin

“In the meantime, the adoration Palin inspires will be very strong through September 27, with progressed Moon opposite Venus, and will diminish slightly thereafter as this aspect wanes, but not completely, due to the continuation of progressed Venus square the Sun, exact around the election. Scandals will continue to swirl around her right up to the election (progressed Moon semisquare Neptune) and beyond, right through December (transiting Neptune conjunct the Sun) with continuous questions over the ethics of her past behavior and the honesty of her statements.” Nancy Sommers, Nancy’s Blog

“Transiting Neptune is the major influence in her horoscope over the next few months since it's conjunct her Sun. While she most likely will find this phase disorienting due to the intense learning curve of being on McCain's ticket, Neptune here also makes her a big unknown as seen from the outside. She will be associated with many of Neptune's symbols, especially faith, oil, scandals, and the Cinderella factor.” Michael O’Reilly, Neptune’s Café

Barack Obama

“One major drawback in Obama's horoscope is that he has no planets in the tenth house, which goes against the historical record of elected presidents. A national leader needs tenth house planets to govern, to give the impression that he's in charge. Obama's planetary emphasis is in the seventh house, where he leads through the medium of the people he has around him.” Michael O’Reilly, Neptune’s Café

Joseph Biden

"The best indicator of a democratic victory can be found in Joe Biden's chart -- November 20, 1942, Scranton, PA, 8:30 AM. Uncanny. You've heard plenty of talk about the Saturn-Uranus opposition at 18 Virgo and Pisces on election day. Well it just so happens that Joe has a midheaven at 19 Virgo, putting 19 Pisces on the IC. Several minutes variation could even make it exact. Saturn on the MC means a change in status and a new position of authority. Uranus on the IC means a separation from home. It's a radical change for Joe since he's never left home, commuting by train every day from the Senate throughout his career. This is an excellent sign that Obama and Biden are going to be the next president and vice-president of the United States. I'm not one to predict but this is too obvious." JM, raging universe

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